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Easy Ways to Use Mirrors to Enhance your Home
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Easy Ways to Use Mirrors to Enhance your Home

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Mirrors may be one of  the most underrated workhorses in interior design, yet they provide an affordable solution for many common issues as well as being a fun and unique way to show off your creativity.

We've come a long way from using the old rectangular mirror in the entry or above the sofa. Now there is so much versatility with sizes, shapes, placement, etc., the possibilities are endless.

Here are just a few of the easy ways you can use mirrors to solve a design issue or to enhance your decor aesthetic.

1) Improve light: An easy way to increase light in a room is to place a mirror adjacent to a window allowing the mirror to reflect the light throughout the space, effectively doubling your light source.


2) Create the illusion of space: When it  comes to small spaces mirrors are your go-to tool, and the bigger the mirror the more space it will appear to create, so don't be afraid to use a large mirror in a small space.


3) Increase atmosphere: In rooms where you're likely to be entertaining, a larger mirror can increase the atmosphere by creating the illusion of having more guests.


4) Provide texture/greenery: There are a few ways that a mirror can add texture to a room; the first is by using a mirror with a textural frame (either textural via material or design), the second is by placing the mirror to reflect a textural element in the room, and the third is by placing the mirror to reflect organic materials or botanicals from the outside to bring them into the space.

5) Expanding hallways and staircases: To visually increase the width of a narrow hallway or staircase use a smaller horizontal mirror, this will also create better flow from room to room.


6) Heighten a ceiling: By hanging a mirror vertically above a sofa you can create the illusion of a higher ceiling.


7) Create focal point: In a room where there is no fireplace or mantlepiece to position furniture around, a mirror can be a great tool to determine the center of the room. A mirror can work just as well as artwork when it comes to decorating your home.


8) Create a window: In a windowless room you can create the illusion of a window as well as adding more space and light with a mirror designed with panes to mimic the look of a window.

9) Illuminate dark corners: You can maximize the amount of light in a dark space by placing a mirror behind an illuminated lamp or on atop mirrored furniture to reflect all sources of light.


10) Choose mirror with different shapes: A correctly shaped mirror, when positioned properly, will optimize natural light flooding into a room. Consider the shape and style of the room and reflect that in the frame of the mirror. 


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