Create your sanctuary with handmade, locally produced, fine home decor and lifestyle products. Create your sanctuary with handmade, locally produced, fine home decor and lifestyle products.
Holiday Gift Guide 2020
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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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Well, we've almost made it through 2020. It's been touch and go at times but you may be noticing that our collective mood has changed and the festive holiday spirit is in full swing!

While we may not be able to spend as much time as we'd like to with our family and friends this year, that's all the more reason to focus on intentional gift giving to ensure that our loved ones know how much we love and miss them.

During this busy season it may be difficult to find the time to put something thoughtful together, so our team has curated a gift guide to accommodate everyone on your list. From cozy throws to hand made candles these year-round essentials will help make your loved one's life a little bit more relaxed and beautiful.


For the one who's hard to shop for

Whether they're crafting cocktails for 2 or for a gathering, The Craft of the Cocktail provides much more than merely the same old recipes: it delves into history, personalities, and anecdotes; it shows you how to set up a bar, master important techniques, and use tools correctly; and it delivers unique concoctions, many featuring DeGroff’s signature use of fresh juices, as well as all the classics. Our Copenhagen carafes are the perfect accompaniment for bar set up or to offer non-alcoholic refreshments.

 For the entertainer


Do you have someone on your list who loves to entertain and is always looking for new ways to create an inviting and memorable setting. Help them to fulfill their passion of creating inspired natural tablescapes with our curated collection of entertaining essentials.⁠

 For the homebody

Who wouldn't love to cozy up with gorgeous wool pillows in subtle neutrals and a super soft cashmere or linen throw? Add a beautifully scented candle in a handmade ceramic vessel to further enhance the warm and comforting vibe and they may never leave home. 

 For the design enthusiast



The design enthusiast on your list will be beyond excited to receive the newest books from top designers to provide inspiration for their 2021 home projects or items from our curated accents collection to add the finishing touch to open shelves or displays.

For Her

Show her how much she means to you with a unique, handmade, silver and gemstone essential oil rollerball necklace so she can keep her essential oils close to use any time she needs them, or one of a kind, natural geode earrings, or a super soft tumbled jute and leather handbag so she can think of you every time she puts it on.

For relaxing

For the person on your list who is always running. What better way to relax than a little pampering self-care with organic bath and body products, a sumptuously scented, soy candle in a handmade ceramic vessel and a calming book or journal to settle in with. Let them know you care about their well-being with a thoughtful gift to promote their relaxation.