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Wellness: Healing Body, Mind and  Spirit
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Wellness: Healing Body, Mind and Spirit

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The Whole Journey

With all that's happening in our world right now, who doesn't need a reputable source for information about how we can optimize our health and well being? For that reason, I felt compelled to write this blog about The Whole Journey and my experience with the programs and their incredibly, knowledgeable, supportive health mentors.

The Whole Journey is a multi faceted information center for all things health and well being. Christa Orecchio, the founder, is a clinical and holistic nutritionist, and also hosts the TV show Food as Medicine online and the podcast Gut Health. 

Christa’s story is an inspiring one, having endured emotional challenges growing up, less than optimal health as a young adult due to poor diet, and traveling the world after college when she experienced the “aha moment”, which would lead her to become the powerhouse in health and nutrition that she is today.

The Whole Journey website is a treasure trove of information from fertility to aging gracefully and all things in between. Following the philosophy of functional medicine, which is treating the whole person rather than the symptoms, TWJ offers programs for a variety of illnesses and disorders such as candida, gut and immune healing and healing the nervous system. The programs are all encompassing and treatment can include diet, yoga, meditation, spiritual and emotional introspection.

Having completed one of the courses myself, I can honestly say that without the program, Christa, and the dedicated, compassionate mentors who train and support you along the way, I’m not sure where I would be today in my health odyssey. The information I learned throughout the course about overall health, nutrition and the effects of emotions on health were crucial in figuring out how to heal my body, mind and spirit. The habits that were cultivated during the program,  I still practice today, almost a year and a half later.

I recommend stopping by to take a spin around TWJ site for anyone who is interested in learning more about the critical role that nutrition plays in our physical and emotional health, as well as tips and techniques on how to better care for ourselves and our loved ones body, mind and spirit.

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