Create your sanctuary with handmade, locally produced, fine home decor and lifestyle products. Create your sanctuary with handmade, locally produced, fine home decor and lifestyle products.


Your Home Tells a Story
Your home is more than just a space. It's the place you get together with friends and family or simply unwind after a stressful day. We founded Barefoot Bungalow to help families transform your space into your own personal sanctuary...
Our Aesthetic
Quintessentially Californian - that's the best way to describe our style. We cater to the laid back aesthetic and lifestyle that is so defining of our neck of the woods. Home decor should feel effortless, without sacrificing style or comfort. So we offer a carefully curated selection of natural and artisan products. combining the beautiful with the functional.
Natural Materials
Our choice of materials is about more than crafting beautifully looking products. Natural fabrics, like linen, wool, jute and organic cotton, are gentle on your skin and protects both your health and the health of our planet. Especially since we are determined on utilizing textiles, woods and materials that are ethically and responsibly sourced.
A purchase in our shop is direct support of small global producers. 60% of the revenue of select products is paid to the artisans and provides their families with life changing income.
Locally Manufactured
Part of our mission is to empower and support local artists and artisans here in California and around the world. What makes the Californian aesthetic so unique is our ability to fuse the local with inspiration from diverse cultures. We honor that heritage by offering locally made products under our Bungalow Private Label alongside e.g., our line of traditional mudcloth pillows, handmade by artisans in Senegal.
Design pieces made by hand are becoming rare in our fast-paced world. But true tradition of craftsmanship is worth preserving, because it represents the time and passion that the craftsperson put into each product. Inspired by the heritage of artistry passed down generations, our artisans are crafting home decor and accessories that will stand the test of time. Because quality  only gets better with use, that's the underlying principle of our collection of home furnishings.
Meet our Founder: Jennifer Ware
Prior to founding Barefoot Bungalow, Jennifer spent 15 years as a residential interior designer. Her core inspiration has always been the laid-back aesthetic of her native Ojai, California. Whether as an interior designer, retail store owner, or now as CEO of her own home furnishings brand, she has always stayed true to her roots. 
"I wanted to be able to help others create that peaceful place and lifestyle that so many of us need in these stressful times." -  Jennifer Ware
It has always been about more than simply decorating spaces for Jennifer. Her ambition is to help people create stress-reducing home environments, where they feel healthy in body, mind and soul.
"I want people to walk in to their homes after a stressful day, take a deep breath - and feel that they are in their sanctuary." - Jennifer Ware
The way we craft our products offers a lasting comfort. But it is about more than items that last a lifetime. It is about keeping the tradition of small local producers and artisans alive. It is about allowing yourself to get attached to the things you surround yourself with, because everything in your home has a story.
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